Beastie Respond


As a child, when Tobias Hjørnet Pedersen discovered that everything has a sound, he became obsessed with rhythms and the tones of different

materials. Caused by this childish discovery Tobias decided to become a drummer.


Several years later he joined a Reggae and Ska band in his home town, and over the years developed a taste for mixing genres that wouldn’t

necessarily fit seamlessly together in the first or second try - but nonetheless would end up blending.


This urge to fuse elements from different musical periods and styles has been the key drive in the creation of the Beastie Respond moniker.

The development of Beastie Respond’s sound started in the upper secondary school, though it wasn’t until four years later he had come up

with something he was confident showing to a larger audience.


Beastie Respond signed with the Danish label Teal Recordings in 2010, which released his debut EP in the summer of 2011, followed by another

two EPs and his debut album “Fictitious Nostalgia” in 2013. Releasing one’s debut album is a milestone for any artist, and from there on BeastieRespond has spent the following years redeveloping his sound yet again. 2016 will bring a new EP by Beastie Respond, which includes collaboration with Alia Fresco, whose lyrics and vocal also graced his debut album on the track “Wait for Me”. The EP is coming out on the Copenhagen based Circle Vision imprint run by RDG.