K Man


K Man (also known as K Man The Phantom), is a young musician who first started off his musical journey in the grime music scene back in 2004. He joined up with one of the most notorious grime music groups named ‘Nu Brand Flexx’ and is responsible for some of their earlier material such as ‘Blacks Ft Jammer - What You Doin’, ‘Nu Brand Flexx - Try me’ and many other tracks around that period of time.


Realizing that grime music was something he was beginning to outgrow personally as the years passed, K Man joined the dubstep scene around 2007 as ½ of the dubstep duo ‘Dub Mechanics (later known as The Dub Mechz). Following the success of the tracks he had circulating under Dub Mechz, K Man’s first official release was two features on the well-known ‘Dubstep Allstars’ compilation CD which was compiled by DJ Chef for Tempa Records.


Following the feedback from fans and the support from many of the scenes Top DJ’s and producers worldwide such as: Chef, Skream, N-type, Coki, Mala, RDG and DJ Foster.


K Man signed a recording contract with the notorious Deep Medi Musik and released his first ever vinyl cat no. MEDi055 - Highest Strain / The Clash. After the second Dub Mechz release (MEDi065), both members went separate ways.

K Man decided to leave the duo and pursue a career under his own artist name.


It is rumored that this situation caused K Man to adopt a second persona (The Phantom) A Name like a comic book character surely means a metaphysical anomaly... fitting then that K Man The Phantom is rumored to be made up of 85% THC, 15% water, bone & flesh.


Since the split from Dub Mechz, K Man has built up his rep as a solo artist by releasing more music under Deep Medi, other known labels and also through his personal band camp page. He has also been travelling to various different countries I.e.USA, Estonia, Denmark and also performed in his hometown London and other places in the United Kingdom.


K Man’s point of focus is to create as much music which expresses his feelings and also the state of mind he is in during his day to day life. Ultimately his sound stems from a conundrum of genres like Reggae, Dub, Grime, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul and Experimental, as well as being influenced by movies, documentaries and television.